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Jungle wrap

My graphic designer hat is always looking for a way to play with paper and pattern. This jungle-like painting (A Different Conversation) begged for a wrapping paper application don’t you think?!

Abstract Dress

Journey of a prototype— the cotton/linen jumper. Testing fabric, pattern and artwork. The wear test is next…

Painted abstraction for dress

Painted abstraction for dress

Paintings on Fabric

I’m experimenting with having my paintings printed on fabric to create clothing as well as on my Studio Sneakers (see the previous post). First project off the blocks was a dress in chiffon. Working out the large repeat on the yardage in coordination with pattern was an interesting problem and am happy with the result. Next up a cotton and linen jumper…

Day Dreaming

On vacation I am dreaming of surfaces and making photographs of surfaces in preparation to paint. Asking questions, seeing resolutions.