what flow looks like today

Noel Danforth

graphic designer and artist


Welcome to what flow looks like today (WFLLT).

I am a graphic designer by trade and an artist and crafter by design. I created this space to share my paintings and crafts— both meditations for me.

Painting is my flow at the intersection of left and right brain; intuitive and attentive, it is a conversation. This intersection can be tricky to get to, but AH the rewards . . .

 . . .so here's a little light from my world to yours.

NOEL DANFORTH Portrait by Lisa Luck, artist and illustrator  @daughtersandsuns

Portrait by Lisa Luck, artist and illustrator @daughtersandsuns


A few of my favorite things:
Abstraction born of intuition
The ritual that allows this to unfold
The beauty of crooked lines

Gold Star Studios

It's not unusual for my design work to be influenced by my other artistic pursuits you'll see here at WFLLT I consider this a beautiful thing!

As a designer I work on an array of communication projects and value a strong partnership with my clients. See my graphic design work at Gold Star Studios. 


If you'd like to contact me about my paintings, crafts or design work, drop me a line below:

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