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Woodfleet Project 2.0 panels

Three panels from Woodfleet Project 2.0 an exhibition and sale to support Wellfleet's Preservation Hall. The last panel Flash sold at the event with half the proceeds going to the Hall. Sweet.

Painting, natureNoel Danforth
To Begin

My nephew, at about 7 years of age, when asked "where are you going?' replied, " I'm gonna go see what I get up to." This response is dear to me in that it describes what happens when I go paint.

I believe it is this openness, this willingness to be a beginner that is needed to achieve the proper state of mind to paint.

"Insight preceded by humility". —Anne Truitt

The lost dune paintings.

PaintingNoel Danforth

Sometimes you long for the lost images, the ones that got painted over...