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Sacral Sparkle

sacral chakra necklace

My Jasmine plant is blooming today just in time for photographing the new chakra necklaces that will be in the wfllt shop soon. Jasmine flower is said to link sacral energies to the heart and crown chakras. A bloomin’ good sign. :)

The Sacral Chakra is the seat of your creative energy and equips you to ‘to go with the flow’.  In Sanskrit it’s called the Swadhisthana Chakra which loosely translates as ‘the sacred home of the self’ or “the goddess’ favorite standing place’. When in sync you are flowing, flexible and adaptive.

This Sacral Chakra necklace is hand-crocheted with Sunstone and Peach Aventurine gemstone beads. Sunstone brings vitality, abundance and longevity while Aventurine adds creativity, motivation and leadership. Now that’s some sparkle! 

You can read about my Chakra necklace series on my GLITR page. If you want to know when new necklaces are in the shop you can sign up for Flow Updates at the bottom of my About page.

Shine on.

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