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Exploring an Intersection


I found myself caught up exploring a digital drawing app… 

One of the beauties of handmade is, just that, you are creating with your hands and your body moves— it’s a tactile experience and a dance. As a graphic designer I spend much of my design-time creating in the digital space, a space that lacks tactile qualities and movement, yup even with a standing desk. The flow and focus is similar to that when I am painting or creating with my hands but the body’s movement is much different. When I paint my whole body can participate, when I am designing on the computer my body is less involved there is a disconnect. So I am a bit concerned about the ease with which I enter this digital space… Hmmm. Perhaps the coming technology will allow our bodies to be involved, perhaps painting will become like painting and I can dance when I design. VR anyone?

Noel Danforth