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Charkra Necklace Series


I have been creating sets of necklaces coordinating with each of the seven chakras. They are made with crocheted silk, gemstone beads, leather, Mother-of-Pearl button closures and Thai Buddha amulets. The images above were my first complete set. More are in the works!

The necklaces can serve as a focus for meditation on each of the chakras. The gemstone bead colors were selected to represent that particular chakra.

  • Root— red, for grounding to the earth

  • Sacral— orange, for creativity and flow

  • Solar Plexus— yellow, for power and transformation

  • Heart— green, for compassion and love

  • Throat— blue, for expression and communication

  • Brow— indigo, for intuition and wisdom

  • Crown— violet, for spirituality and connection to the universe

Check my WFLLT shop for necklaces available for purchase.


I envision chakras as energy loci on a conduit. When energy isn't flowing along this conduit, it can grow stagnant. With intention we can take notice of what's not in flow and nurture it back into alignment and flow. I see the chakras, when in alignment, as creating a zipline of communication, a synchronicity, that runs through us connecting all our subtle energy so that we can live grounded, in flow, and in equilibrium.




In Thailand I fell in love with the culture and the wonderful mix of Buddhist and animistic beliefs. In the countryside, almost every village has a temple. As a custom, amulets have been and still are given to people who support the temples. With thousands of temples, there are many more thousands of amulets, so while not rare or precious, to me they are the embodiment of a belief in rituals. Rituals create a doorway to engagement and being present in the world.  I'm in.


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