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what's setting the tone lately...
wherein I find inspiration through my photography and other pursuits

Storm King Art Center Visit

A garden full of wonderful birds, bees and folly. And a reminder of the generous gift of curiosity.

What is in the frame. What is in the frame?

A decision we can make.

natureNoel Danforth
Spring in the Studio
Noel Danforth
The camel's nose fallacy

There is always more room under the tent... especially if the sky is your tent. Location: Griffith Observatory

Noel Danforth

I have been creating animated gifs, this one celebrates Gaiter's single-minded love of treats. :) Refresh your screen to see him beg again. Woof.

Noel Danforth
Cleaning Up
Noel Danforth
Abstraction, ritual and crooked lines

A few of my favorite things:

Abstraction born of intuition
The ritual that allows it to unfold
The acceptance and beauty of crooked lines.


PhotographyNoel Danforth

Falling for tools, their design, their color, their patina.

Noel Danforth

A rich red that warms even in the voluminous space of Antwerp's cathedral.

Noel Danforth